Announcement System

Mass SMS solutions for


  • Send notifications for urgent and unscheduled meetings
  • Send updates on late changes
  • Sometimes 5 minutes before the meeting staff must be informed of a something.
  • A crew on the field must be notified of the change of plan

Mass SMS solutions for


  • Notify customers of new menus and drinks
  • Announce new events
  • Send out coupon codes
  • Send invitations
  • Announce preparations for events like Valentines, Mothers day, etc.
  • Send "Book your table now" discounts
  • Announce new award winnings

Mass SMS solutions for

Real estate

  • Announce exciting new listings
  • Announce new award winnings

Mass SMS solutions for

Wholesale business owners

  • Announce new and exciting products
  • Announce short-term deals


  • Manage Client List
  • Send thousands of messages with one click
  • Automatically format and group clients numbers